Potlogi commune

Potlogi commune consists of five villages: Potlogi, Pitaru Vlăsceni, Româneşti and Podu Cristinii.
Residence of the commune with the same name, the Potlogi village was attested on 6 February 1580. It flourished in between the XVII – XVIII centuries, thanks to its privileged position on the road that connected the former capital of Wallachia, Târgoviște, with the current capital Bucharest. Another advantage was the fact that it was located in a fertile area, partly wooded, bathed by the waters of the Arges and Sabar, which allowed the development of agriculture, livestock, trade and crafts.

  • - The village Pitaru - attested in 1471
  • - The village Vlasceni - attested in 1733
  • - The village Româneşti - attested in 1480
  • - The village Podu Cristinii - attested in 1596

Potlogi village is connected by the A1 highway and the network of national and county roads, to three big cities located not far away, Bucureşti, Târgovişte and Piteşti.




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